Updated Return Back to School Plan 2021-2022


In-Person Instruction Plan Requirement

The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief III Fund (ESSER III) requires that within 30 days of receiving ESSER III funding, districts must publish, on the public pages of their websites, a plan for the safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services. If a district already has in place a plan that incorporates public comment and is published on district website, no additional plan is required. District Reopening Plans submitted to the Department in the summer of 2020 likely qualify for purposes of ESSER III.  Regardless of when your plan was created, all districts must revisit and revise the plan as necessary within 6 months of approval of your ESSER III grant application and at least every 6 months thereafter through the life of the ESSER III grant award.


Implementation Plan


Equitable Use of Funds

The district is taking educational equity into account by allocating funds both to school and districtwide activities based on underserviced subgroups by implementing new initiatives and maintaining effective practices already implemented in the district.  These include Bulldog Academy, professional development and expanding the types of professional development offered, utilizing research based strategies and assessments, ensuring all students have access to grade level curriculum and technology, increasing mental health supports and practices, offering alternative programs for vocational/career based programs and drop out prevention.  We have feedback from all stakeholders through a survey and an in person return to school plan which includes all students and encourages families to be a more active participant in the district/school community.


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